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Enyo Bootcamp hitting the road; framework nightlies now available

Following up on the Enyo Hackathon earlier this month at the Palm campus in Sunnyvale, HP's taking the Enyo framework show on the road with one-day Enyo Bootcamp events in Boston on August 28, New York on August 29, and Chicago on August 30. The events will include a presentation, likely similar to the introduction at the Hackathon, followed by a question-and-answer session with members of the Enyo Developer Relations team.

As with the Hackathon, the Bootcamp sessions will really only be useful to existing developers, but your familiarity need only extend to web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The Boston event will be at the Bocoup Loft, while Chicago will take place at Groupon's headquarters and New York at the headquarters of long-time webOS developer Pivotal Labs. Registration is open at EventBrite, just hit the appropriate city in the source links below.

The Bootcamps aren't the only news coming out of the Enyo camp, with the framework getting a new channel for nightly updates. The nightlies will cover the entirety of Enyo, including the framework core, official libraries, API viewer, Bootplate, and Enyo Sampler. So as the Enyo team makes updates to the open source application framework, they'll be available to those developers that want to live on, or at least observe the changes in, the bleeding edge. Eventually those changes will be wrapped into an update to the official Enyo code for the common man.