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ESPN calls time out on score alert text service on Sprint due to fees

by Derek Kessler Thu, 07 Apr 2011 11:56 am EDT

You might have unlimited text messaging on Sprint, but ESPN doesn’t, and because of that Sprint customers are no longer receiving ESPN score alerts over text message. The carrier has decided to enforce a per-message fee on commercial “aggregators” like ESPN that are responsible for sending billions of text messages across the network (customer plans aren’t affected at all by the decision). ESPN, being a business, isn’t happy about having to pay charges that they previously didn’t and has decided to stop delivering free score alerts to Sprint customers rather than pay the fee. It’s a strange situation, considering that ESPN is a channel available in Sprint TV.

While this isn’t a huge deal to ESPN fans on iOS and Android where they have ESPN apps (heck, iOS just got an app that lets you watch ESPN), here in webOS land we have no such app. We don’t see a resolution for this tiff anytime soon, so we’ll point you to some of the available sports news apps on webOS instead.

First up are the Sports Live! apps from More Solutions. The overarching Sports Live! ($7.99) lets you select your favorite professional and college teams across a wide variety of sports to get the latest score alerts delivered right into your notification area. If you’re just a fan of one sport, More Solutions has less expensive sub-apps available for European and UK football, international soccer, the NBA, WNBA, MLS, NHL, NFL, and NCAA baseball, football, and men’s and women’s basketball.

Apart from the Sports Live! quasi-suite, there are several other sports news apps available. Sports by SpeedyMarks ($0.99, free ad-supported) gives you a countdown to upcoming games in a variety of sports, Sports Calendar ($1.99, free one-team version) easily adds your favorite teams’ games to your calendar, and NBA Scores, NHL Scores, and MLB Scores all let you check in on the latest scores for all games. All of these aren’t even taking into account to dozens of team- and region-specific apps, as well as the sports news available through several full-coverage news outlets. Sure, you might not be getting ESPN alerts on Sprint anymore, and you might not have an ESPN app on webOS, but that doesn’t mean you can’t know what’s going on in the wide world of sports.

Source: Sprint; Via: Android Central