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Evernote releases new beta

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 17 Dec 2010 10:04 am EST


Evernote was an early favorite on webOS and an example of some of the momentum webOS had from major app developers in its early days. Since then the app had seen a rough patch, but as we reported in October the company is hard at work on an updated version. Kudos, Evernote.

To that end they just posted a new beta, 1.3.5 Beta 1, in their forums. It brings notebook filters, an updated list view, editor improvements, and plenty of bug fixes. For reasons beyond our ken they've opted not to put their app up in Palm's Beta feed, but if you know how to install an IPK (hint: WebOS Quick Install or Preware), you can head on over to the Evernote forums and grab it.

Souce: Evernote forums; Thanks hertzi!