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Exchange Calendar Issue in 1.3.5, and Workaround

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Sun, 03 Jan 2010 11:21 am EST

As reported both in our forums and on Palm’s own support forum, there is an apparent bug in Exchange calendar syncing following the 1.3.5 webOS upgrade this past week. Users report (and I found as well) that when the Pre’s calendar hit January 1, 2010, all Exchange calendar data disappeared from view on the Pre (although some report that alerts continue to work, suggesting the data are there but just hidden). Users who do not use Exchange syncing are not reporting the same problem, and those that delete the Exchange account say that their calendar data reappears; adding back the Exchange account, however, makes it happen again. Note that the bug is on the Pre side only; the data remain untouched on the Exchange server.
Fortunately, there is at least a partial workaround, first suggested by meandmypre in the PreCentral forum: go to Date & Time, turn off Network time, and manually reset the calendar to December 31, 2009. Check your Pre’s calendar; the Exchange data should be back. Now return to Date & Time and change it back to the correct date; the calendar data should remain visible. Unfortunately, if you have to reset your Pre for any reason, this fix will be undone, and you will have to go through the steps again to properly view the Exchange data in your Pre’s calendar.
Hopefully, Palm will figure out the problem and push out a fix ASAP; we’ll keep you posted.


Thanks to Jim for the heads up!