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Exhibition Agenda View from webOS 2.0.1 looks stylish

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 31 Dec 2010 5:14 pm EST

One thing we know: not all webOS 2.0.1 versions are created equal. While users with webOS 2.0.1 on unlocked Pre 2 phones are enjoying card stacking and VPN support, users of a version webOS 2.0.1 that's apparently been seeded to developers are enjoying a slew of extra features. Those new features include Voice Dialing and working Exhibition modes for glanceable information while sitting on a Touchstone.

A kindly anonymous tipster has send in some screenshots of the Agenda Exhibition mode from a Bell-based Pre. It works in both portrait mode and landscape and, well, we're wondering why such useful views of calendar information can't be made available to all without recourse to inductive chargers. 

Grab a few more screenshots after the break!