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by webos catalog Thu, 10 Mar 2011 7:54 am EST
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Expecting Baby is an app made for doctors by doctors. This application enables you to input your patients information from the first appointment up till the due date. You can sort through by date, expectation date, name, weight…etc

Gives you the liberty of adding notes for every detail needed. You can set appointments by time, duration, date, & also set reminders for those appointments.


* Detailed entries that include weight, height, last ultra sound, last menstrual cycle, name, due date, appointments, and notes that can include allergies or medical history
* Assign appointments by time, date, duration, and set up reminders
* Send history to other follow up doctors.
* Keeps detailed track of patients progress.
* Ideal for Midwives
* Availability of International units with the ease of switching between both.

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