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Eye-Fi launches mobile portal

by Robert Werlinger Sat, 07 Aug 2010 3:08 pm EDT

WiFi-equipped SD card maker Eye-Fi has launched a mobile portal that allows users to view and manage and share their photos on a number different services in addition to being able to manage device settings while on the go directly from their smartphone of choice. 

This opens up a number of intriguing usage scenarios. Fore example: you're out with your friends or in the park with your family shooting photos, and you have access to a WiFi hotpot, you can configure the Eye-Fi card to automatically upload to the mobile center manage where you can then selectively send them off to a multitude of different services such as Facebook or Flikr.  This is also great for professional photographers who can now utilize the larger screens of their phones - and the pinch to zoom functionality therein - to look at previews of their photos without having to leave their subjects to find a laptop.  

Unfortunately, there's still no way for Eye-Fi cards to communicate directly to smartphones - even the dedicated iPhone app just connects to the mobile portal - but as the release of webOS 2.0 grows nearer with promises of technology like Bonjour and Zero Conf baked in, it isn't unrealistic to think that it may be possible.

Hit the break for a video overview of the service.

Source: Eye-Fi; Thanks to  jsabo for the tip!