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Facebook App: Managing your news feed

by Adam Marks Thu, 02 Sep 2010 12:51 pm EDT

The News Feed essentially acts as your homepage within the Facebook App and provides a decent amount of flexibility to viewing and managing your feeds. There are a variety of actions that you can perform from this main page: update/review your status, upload a photo, read through your news feed, filter the feed to your various contact "lists", and refresh the page.  Keep reading after the break to learn all about how to accomplish these tasks.

  1. Facebook News Feed Your Status Bar - If you want to update your status, first tap just just below the top bar in the area that says "What's on your mind?" and you will notice that the area expands to add "Cancel" and "Update" buttons, along with your previous status. Just type in your new status and press "Update". Note that you don't actually need to tap in that status area first to update you status, you can just start typing from anywhere in your news feed to directly access it
  2. The Camera Icon - Just to the left of your status bar you will see a small camera icon that will allow you to upload a picture to your Facebook page. Tap on this icon to bring up your device's photo albums and browse to find the specific picture you want to upload
  3. News Feed - The majority of the screen is taken up by the News Feed. Simply scroll down to read through your news feed (and if you get to the end, just tap "Next" to load more).  There are a number of actions you can take with with news feed
    • For each post, you will see an Facebook Comment and Like icon icon on the top right that identifies if there are any comments or "likes" for that post. If you enabled "Show Comments in Feed" in the preferences, you will see a few comments for those posts directly in your feed, with a "X More" link at the bottom to see additional comments and even add a comment yourself. If you don't have comments shown in your feed, you just need to tap on that Facebook Comment and Like icon icon to view/add comments or to "like" that post.
    • For a post that contains a web link or an update from an application, clicking on the post will open a browser window in another card to that link
    • If a post contains a link to a Facebook photo album, tapping on that album will bring up the webOS-type Photo app interface to view the pictures
    • If the post contains an uploaded video, the webOS video app will load and play that video
    • To quickly scroll to the top or bottom of your feed, reminder that you can press the "Facebook" button on the top bar
  1. Feed Filter - At the very top of the news feed, there is a gray box that says "NEWS FEED" with a down arrow. If you click on this box, you will get a listing of all your contact "lists" that you can select to just filter your feed to those contacts in those lists. To set it back to everyone, choose "News Feed" at the top of the list. This filter will remain in effect until you change it, even surviving closing and reopening the app. Note that you can not manage these lists from within the app, but rather needs to be done from a PC or from within the web browser, not within the app
  2. Refresh - At the bottom right of the app you will see the refresh button. You can either tap that button or you can shake your phone to refresh your news feed

Note: All details are based on the Facebook app version 1.3 or Facebook Beta app version 1.3.1

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