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Facebook App: Navigating the sections

by Adam Marks Wed, 01 Sep 2010 10:24 pm EDT

Facebook - Navigate to... As we continue our review of the Facebook Beta App, we are going to quickly walk-thru each of the 7 main sections of the app and give a brief overview of what is included there (if you still do not have the Beta app, review our initial Facebook tip on how to install it). But before we get into the overview, let's quickly talk about the three ways to navigate this app. In addition to the top bar header, you can swipe down from the top-left of the screen to bring up the Facebook application drop-down menu and then tapping "Navigate To..." to bring up the list of sections. You will also notice that each section here includes a Meta-tap to use a Gesture Area + keyboard shortcut to move between the app. So now that you know how to move around the app, let's discuss each section (after the break!)

  • News Feed (Gesture + H, for Home) - This is your typical Facebook News Feed. You can see people's posts and comments, and you can set your own status update here
  • Photos (Gesture + P) - This provides you access to all Facebook photo albums. Clicking on any album will bring up that photo album, to be viewed in a webOS-style photo app viewer
  • Search (Gesture + S) - This allows to you quickly search (1) you friends, (2) all users, or (3) any page that you "like", and then tap on that search result to be brought to that Facebook page. The search occurs dynamically, so as you type it will automatically limit your search results. Note that the search does not follow the standard webOS search terms (i.e. first initial + last name), but rather searches for what you type anywhere from within the name. So, a search for both "Pre", "eCen" or "ral" would all find "PreCentral"
  • Inbox (Gesture + I) - This is your Facebook Inbox. You can click on any message to bring up the entire threaded conversation and reply as necessary. The bottom of your inbox will show this icon bar ( Facebook Inbox icons ), that lets you switch between your "inbox", "updates" sent from your fan pages, and your "sent" box. You can also click the Facebook new message icon to send a new message in a webOS email-style interface, but see the "search" section above for discussion on how to use the search feature
  • Profile (Gesture + U) - This brings up your own Profile page
  • Events (Gesture + E) - This shows your upcoming Facebook events, with a choice to switch between viewing your "Events" and "Birthdays"
  • Notifications (Gesture + N) - This will bring up your "all notifications" listing. These notifications are all clickable to bring you to the person or activity listed. Any new notification will be shown in bold. Visiting this page will also reset your count of "new" notifications

So, now that you know the 7 basic areas of the app, stay tuned tomorrow as we deep dive the News Feed page

Note: All details are based on the Facebook app version 1.3 or Facebook Beta app version 1.3.1

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