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Facebook App: Open in new card

by Adam Marks Wed, 10 Nov 2010 11:50 am EST

The webOS Facebook app was recently updated to support launching multiple instances of the app in separate cards.  This is really convenient because it allows you to can keep your place in your News Feed or on a personals profile while still loading up a specific post to view. There are two ways for you to take advantage of this feature.

  1. Facebook - Open New Card Tap the Categories icon on the Top Bar (the icon on the right with six boxes) to bring up the icon view of the main areas of the app, and you will now see an "OPEN NEW CARD" option. Tap that option and a duplicate Facebook app card will launch
  2. 2. From almost anywhere in the Facebook App, just Meta-tap (press-and-hold on the Gesture Area) and tap a link, profile, comments icon, photo, etc, and that will load up in a new application card

For anyone on webOS 2.0, the new card will launch into the same Stack instead of in an adjacent card, which will make keeping your Facebook app cards nicely organized!

Note: All details are based on the Facebook or Facebook Beta app version 1.4.  Click here for instructions on installing the Facebook app

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