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Facebook App: Reclaim your friend's photos

by Adam Marks Thu, 25 Aug 2011 8:55 am EDT

With some of the recent updates to the phone-based Facebook app, you may have noticed that your friend's profile pictures and any uploaded photos were no longer showing up within the app. While many thought this was a bug in the app, it is actually a result of a security setting within your Facebook profile itself. If you have the option to "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible" turned on, it seems to block these photos from transferring to the mobile app. However, if decide to turn this option off, then all those photos will magically reappear once you refresh the app.

To toggle this option in order to reclaim your photos:

  • Load up the full Facebook site on your computer, TouchPad, or webOS phone (you must use http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf if visiting from the phone to access the full site)
  • On the top-right, click Account and choose "Account Settings"
  • On the left-navigation panel, select "Security"
  • The first option will be called "Secure Browsing". Click "edit" on the right side of the screen, uncheck the box, and click "Save Changes"
  • Load up the Facebook mobile app and enjoy seeing your photos again

For more information about this setting, you can visit this Facebook's blog posting to help you decide if this action is right for you.


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