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Facebook App: The top bar

by Adam Marks Tue, 31 Aug 2010 11:59 am EDT

At the top of the facebook app, you will see a blue bar that will provide you access to the almost every areas of the app. Let's take a look at this top bar in more detail

  • facebook app - notifications Tapping the globe icon on the left of the bar will bring up your most recent Facebook Notifications, which are all clickable to bring you to the person or activity listed. If there is a number of the top-right of the globe, that represents the number of new notifications you have, which will all be listed in bold. You can also click on the "See All Notifications" button to list all your notifications, not just your most recent ones. Clicking on this button also serves a dual purpose of resetting the count of "new" notifications
  • The center section of the bar, with the "Facebook" text", serves two purposes. If you are anywhere other than your News Feed, tapping this center area will bring you right back to the News Feed. Once in the feed, tapping this center Facebook - Top menu area will quickly scroll to the top of the feed, and tapping it a second time will bring you to the bottom of the feed. 
  • The icon of 6 boxes on the right will bring up a sub-menu that gives you access to the 6 main sections of the app, with your current section colored in blue.  Stay tuned tomorrow as we walk through each of those sections of the app.

Note: All details are based on the Facebook app version 1.3 or Facebook Beta app version 1.3.1

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