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Facebook App: Uploading and tagging photos

by Adam Marks Mon, 06 Sep 2010 12:35 pm EDT

One of the newest additions of the Facebook app has been the ability to upload a photo, write a caption for the photo, and then tag it directly in the Facebook app. Of course, you can also tag a picture in any of your other albums--not just the ones you upload from the App--but note that you can not tag any of your friend's photos To accomplish the upload and tagging, just follow the simple steps after the break:

  1. From your News Feed, select the camera icon ( Facebook camera ) on the top-left of the page. This will bring up your photo albums on your device (or provide you the option to take a new photo)
  2. Find and select the photo you want and select "Upload This Photo". You will then be presented with an opportunity to add a caption on the bottom of the screen (press the paper-airplane icon when done). A webOS banner notification will alert you when the upload has started and then completed
  3. Once completed, you can then go into Photos section of the app (either via the top bar or pressing the Gesture + P Meta-tap), select your "Mobile Uploads" folder, and then tap on the photo to maximize it to full screen.
  4. You should see the caption on the top and a bar with 3 icons ( Facebook Photo Options )on the bottom of the screen. If you do not see these, just tap once on the screen to unhide them
    • The first icon ( Facebook Photo Like ) indicates how many people "like" the photo, and you can tap on it to like it yourself
    • The second icon ( Facebook Photo Comment ) indicates how many comments are on the photo, and tapping on it will move you to another screen to add your own comments
    • The final icon ( Facebook Tag Photo icon ) allows you to tag friends in the photo. Just tap on that icon, then tap the photo where you want to tag, and a search field will appear. Just search for who you want to tag, and then tap their name. Remember that the search does not follow the standard webOS search terms (i.e. first initial + last name), but rather searches for what you type anywhere from within the name. So, a search for "Die" "r Bo" or "ohn" would all return "Dieter Bohn"
  1. When you are done tagging, just back swipe to exit tagging mode


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