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Facebook beta app bumps to v1.4, preps for webOS 2.0

by Derek Kessler Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:23 pm EDT

Facebook Beta 1.4 The bleeding-edge Facebook beta client app developed by Palm today received an update to version 1.4, adding in new features to take advantage of webOS 2.0. Right now the only feature that those of us on webOS 1.4.5 can take advantage of is the Open New Card command, available at the bottom of the navigation pop-over. Tapping that bar opens a new Facebook card that duplicates the view of the source card. Additionally, a meta-tap (gesture area + screen tap) on any link within Facebook will open up in a new card.

The app notes also indicate that Just Type integration is present, as Dieter demonstrated in his 10-minute webOS 2.0 overview, though that integration is not something we’ll be able to take advantage of until webOS 2.0 and its Just Type feature is made available. Additionally, the "shake to reload" feature now has an on-off toggle in the app's preferences, if, you know, you use your webOS phone inside a rock tumbler or something.

Via: benfysh (Twitter)

Update: That didn't take long - the non-beta official version of the Facebook app has also received the 1.4.0 bump, bringing along all of the above-discussed features.

Thanks for the tip, Isaac!