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Facebook phone app finally updated with Exhibition Mode support

by Derek Kessler Thu, 04 Aug 2011 6:34 pm EDT

You remember way back in November when we saw our first glimpses of Exhibition Mode and support for the new webOS feature from the Facebook app? Oh, I’m November 2010. Developer Day New York City 2010 brought us our first look at what Exhibition was to look like, and that’s after the feature was announced back in August (of 2010). And then it finally came with webOS 2.1 when the update was pushed out sporadically through this year. So what about support for the Facebook app in Exhibition?

It’s finally here. The webOS Facebook app, built by Palm and now HP, received a bump up to version which includes a number of bug fixes an support for Exhibition Mode. And it’s about time, as we’d practically forgotten about Exhibition support but were starting to go crazy over the bugs cropping up and ruining our Facebook experience more than our parents being on Facebook. The new update aims to squash those bugs, but we were surprised and impressed by the implementation of Exhibition support here.

Throw your phone down on a Touchstone charger and it’ll drop into a Facebook-esque blue-and-white interface that every several seconds cycles to another random post in your newsfeed. The cycling is staggered, with items sliding in and out at the top first. You can swipe left or right to switch to other posts in the feed. Tapping on the top blue bar will load the Facebook app (contrary to what you might expect, it loads the main newsfeed and not the friend whose name you just tapped), links open right into the web browser, tapping the comments block will open that post so you can comment, and the likes button just submits your approval without any fuss. It’s not without quirks – photos support seems to still be broken in both the app and Exhibition, none of our friends have any profile pictures, and cards opened from Exhibition blank out when we hit the big top Facebook button to go to the full newsfeed.

Overall, we’re glad to see Facebook finally getting this update. Passive information display through Exhibition is one of our favorite features and something we’d like to see used more often by app developers. HP’s implementation is simple yet effective and goes about its way without requiring any guidance, but if you want to act on it you can. Now all we need are those v2 Touchstone docks that the phone can recognize and display a different Exhibition mode depending on the dock...