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Facebook for webOS Updated! Video and Gallery 178

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 03 Mar 2010 8:41 pm EST

Palm's official Facebook app for webOS was just updated - slimjim1219 in our forums let us know that you just need to check your updates app to get it installed.  We saw it leaked in an advertisement last week and sure enough, it's here.

The new version of the app radically improves on the previous version, which we've described as a "Facebook as Twitter" kind of client. It now allows users to fully search and view Facebook profiles, look at photo galleries, use Facebook mail, view events and upcoming birthdays, and look at your own Facebook wall and photos.

More on features, a video showing the app, and a gallery of screenshots is after the break!

The app maintains stays true to its roots, jumping straight to the news feed when you open it. I prefer that to the Android version, which starts on a generic icon view.

At the top of the app is a bar that lets you update your status from anywhere and conveniently shows you your last update. Tapping the center area will always jump you right to the news feed and tapping it within the news feed will jump you to the top. You can also shake to refresh the news feed. Finally that righthand button gives you access to 'News,' 'Photos' (your own photos), 'Search' (for finding profiles), 'Inbox,' 'Me' (for your own profile), and 'Events' (for events and upcoming birthdays).

It's especially pleasing to see the most oft-request feature (that we've heard, anyway) - the ability to view Facebook profiles. You can go to Search for list of your friends and auto-filter by typing. Search appears to be limited to searching for people, however, and won't find pages or groups. You can also tap on any face thumbnail to go to that person's profile Once in a profile, you can check out the wall, Info, and all of that user's photos. If you're not yet friends with that person, you can submit a friend request.

The Inbox section is fairly straightforward, but it is worth noting that when you compose a new message, the 'To' field auto-completes from a list of your friends. You can send messages to multiple recipients at once and the entire interface looks almost identical to the email composer.

Uploading photos also seems a bit improved - adding a caption is a snap. The interface for commenting on other people's photos is also quite nice.

Unfortunately, the app is missing features found on other platforms like notifications, responding to friend requests, or adding shortcuts to friend profiles. The app also is unable to view Facebook video (though perhaps that may change once Flash lands) or use Facebook chat (but there's a 3rd party app for that).

The app is very snappy so far and a huge step forward over what was previously available officially. 

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fast, intuitive interface


No notification support