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Fan-crafted Pre commercial grabs Palm's attention

by Derek Kessler Sat, 14 Aug 2010 2:15 pm EDT

Fan-crafted Palm ad

You may remember from the heady days of late July 2010 this awesome fan-made commercial for the Palm Pre (after the break for your reminiscence). Well, it caught Palm’s attention too, and they made sure to dive in. The video, by 22-year-old German students Arno Keifl and Sven Adolph, turns out to have been a sophisticated creation, with the talented duo digging into the webOS SDK emulator to capture images and building the “Mr. Chef for Palm” app demoed in the commercial with Palm’s super-easy Ares online app creator.

Rightfully, the good folks at Palm saw fit to award such creativity and hard work. As they, and many of us, noticed, the video showcases everything happening on an original O2 Palm Pre. Palm has sent the pair Palm Pre Pluses for O2 Germany to bring them up to the life moves fast speed. While we’re happy Arno and Sven got new phones, we hope that Palm has put their phone numbers into Contacts for the next time they plan to run commercials.

Source: Official Palm Blog