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Fan-made webOS commercial is full of win

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 26 Mar 2010 2:47 pm EDT


While we're still plenty happy with Palm's new Life Moves Fast, Don't Miss a Thing ad, there's still concern out there that it doesn't quite do justice to showing that all that fancy multitasking is actually happening on a piece of hardware. Enter ThiesFX, whose entry into the PalmSpot contest is, as we say above, pretty much full of win - and not just because PreCentral leads off the video ;-)

It's funny, but the core problem with webOS is that its killer feature is nearly impossible to describe in 30 seconds. Namely: the natural elegance of multitasking and notifications all working in concert.  What do you think is the best way to show that off in 30 seconds or less?

YouTube embed after the break

via Engadget and webOS Roundup, thanks to everybody who sent this in!