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Fantastic Wallpaper 1

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 4:32 pm EST
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Updates of version 1.5.2: Fixed search issue. Now searching is more stable and faster. Add spring category.

Updates of version 1.5.1: Fixed the slideshow issue reported by user. Thanks for your feedback.

Updates of version 1.5.0: Fixed the pictures update issue.

Updates of version 1.4.9: Fixed the search bug. Add more categories suggested by user.

Updates of version 1.4.7: Have a comment on the pic? Just click info to say anything.

Updates of version 1.4.0: You can report copyright issue and inappropriate content of each pic.

Updates of version 1.3.0: You can Email the wallpaper to share with your friends. & Add Latest Category for the addicted users.

Updates of version 1.2.1: Great Updates! You can search anything to get your favorite wallpapers. Many categories are adding. Enjoy it :)

Updates of version 1.1.3: Add Worldcup & 3D category.

Updates of version 1.1.2: Add Abstract category.

Updates of version 1.1.1: display spinner when loading; tracking client version in feedback page.

Updates of version 1.1.0: Save into Photos/Better UI/More Categories...

With over 200,000+ images, and more every day, Fantastic Wallpaper Free is the most full-featured, versatile and functional app you’ll find at any price.

From Pop Culture to foreign cultures, it gives users the world in pictures. Each high resolution image has been perfectly formatted to fit the Palm Pre Touch screen and comes with a host of user-friendly features.


¶ 40+ Categories, 200,000+ Wallpapers…and counting

¶ Beautiful Full Screen

¶ Search to get what you want

¶ Fast Loading.

¶ Stunning UI

¶ Easy Navigation – Swipe, Zoom, Pinch

¶ In-App Feedback for User Questions

¶ New Wallpapers Added Daily

Fantastic Wallpaper Free gives users thousands of ways to make their Palm Pre their own.

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