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FCC files suggest AT&T Pre due in May

by Derek Kessler Sat, 13 Feb 2010 7:38 pm EST

AT&T Pre Our man ToniCipriani (of the PreCentral forums, not Grand Theft Auto fame) is a sleuth of the FCC variety. Digging through the files for manufacturer O8F, known around these parts as Palm, Inc, ToniCipriani found that for each released webOS phone the external public photos availability date matched up almost perfectly with the launch date. And then he found a model with the FCC ID of O8F-CASG, with a photo availability date of May 10th, 2010.

What could this be? Considering that both the Sprint Palm Pre and Verizon Pre Plus sport the FCC ID number of O8F-CASC, we’re wagering that the O8F-CASG is the US-bound GSM version of the Pre. We’ve known for a while that the Pre’s internal codename was Castle, and when combined with a CDMA phone we get CASC, whereas GSM would lead us to CASG.

It’s a distinct possibility that we’ll see the AT&T Pre on or around May 10th; the photo availability date for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus was dead-on with the launch date. Being that we’re not the betting type (we prefer to just throw stuff out there are see what sticks), we’d merely say that sometimes in May is looking like a good timeframe. And that lines up pretty well with AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega’s “first half of 2010” for webOS on his network.

Thanks to Norris for the tip!