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FCC filing says Pre 3 to launch with webOS 2.3

by Derek Kessler Tue, 26 Apr 2011 11:08 am EDT

Our searches of FCC filings just became more difficult, with webOS products now filed under HP’s less-friendly alphanumeric codes. But the HP Pre 3 just popped up, and there are a few things that we can take away from the pages and pages of documents. First, like all prior webOS devices, and pretty much every cell phone in existence, the Pre 3 will not boil your brains. Secondly, this is a straight GSM Pre 3, no CDMA radio in this one.

Third, and the one that we think will grab your interest, is the software version the FCC lists for this smartphone: webOS 2.3. Not webOS 2.1, like the unlocked Pre 2, and not webOS 2.2 like we had been expecting. webOS 2.3.

Now let’s go back to that GSM thing. The phone the FCC tested was a UMTS/HSPA device, with AT&T’s 850MHz and 1900MHz bands. This was not the CDMA+GSM world phone that Rubinstein announced back in February, though with the exception of one photo, the only Pre 3 phones we’ve seen were running on AT&T or another GSM provider when in Europe.

This filing puts the Pre 3 one step closer to launch (the Veer passed through the FCC’s fancy pants testing labs back in February), though when exactly during this summer that launch will occur is still an open question.

Update: an image of the label after the break, with the kind of funky layout necessary for a slider like the Pre 3. Update 2: This editor [Dieter] had a facepalm moment: the GSM-only version of the Pre 3 was fully announced. Title updated.

Thanks for the find, bigmoe88 and the tip, Bev! Source: FCC; via pocketnow