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Feeder gets HP TouchPad-friendly update

by Derek Kessler Wed, 20 Jul 2011 9:10 pm EDT

Our favorite Google Reader app just got better: Feeder has been updated with HP TouchPad support. Developer Darrin Holst took the time to update this made-for-phones Mojo app with controls for it to work in full-size on the TouchPad, and it's well worth it. While Feeder on the tablet doesn't take advantage of the awesomeness that is Enyo and multiple panes, it does bring the advantage of familiarity and working well.

All of Feeder's features have been brought forward to this v.0.7 release, plus added back button and close controls to get around the TouchPad's lack of a gesture area. Swiping through articles still works, as does swiping on lists to mark as read/unread or favorite. In short, it's the Feeder we know and love, but blown up for the big screen.

There are more Google Reader apps populating the TouchPad App Catalog, but in the meantime, there's Feeder. If you've already puchased Feeder for your webOS phone on the same profile, you can download it for free from the App Catalog. If not, it's available for $2.99 (and will work on both TouchPad and your smartphone).