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Fifteen new App Catalog entrants, five homebrew graduates

by Derek Kessler Thu, 17 Sep 2009 8:30 pm EDT

New App Catalog Apps, August 17

It’s Thursday, and for us that’s come to mean new apps in the official App Catalog. Fifteen new apps landed in the App Catalog today, bringing the grand total to 83, but it seems that Palm’s server is having a fit of hiccups and has been unable to serve any of the app pages (though the Updates app will bring you app updates just fine nevermind, that doesn't work properly either). We’ll update this post with more details on the new apps once the App Catalog is back up and running at full steam, but in the meantime, here’s a summary of the newness that landed this afternoon:

  • Chess for webOS (by Fusion Creative Studios): Play chess against the Pre.
  • DeadMan (by Fusion Creative Studios): A hangman variant with multi-player options.
  • Ditto (by Revision X Games): Pattern repetition game, much like Simon Says.
  • Dot Game (by Brandon VanBelle): Fill the dot grid with lines to make the most boxes.
  • Hebrew Calendar Trial Version (by Avner Arbel): Keep track of important dates on the Jewish calendar.
  • MediPDA (by Modular medical calculator.
  • P2GoogleVoice (by P2Labs): Fast, simple, easy Google Voice client.
  • P2Snippets (by P2Labs): Store notes, canned responses, and more for quick recall.
  • Pic Hunt – Pets (by Epic Tilt): Spot the the subtle differences between two similar pictures of pets.
  • Pic Hunt - Space Explorer (by Epic Tilt): Pick out the differences between two similar space-themed pictures.
  • Pic Hunt - Vintage Cars (by Epic Tilt): Locate discontinuities between two similar images of classic cars.
  • Reversi (by Rick Boatright): Othello, played against the Pre. Apparently very easy to beat.
  • Send My Location for webOS (by Software for Mobile Phones): Easily send your location via email or text, link to Google Maps.
  • Survivor Samoa (by CBS Interactive): Get clips and cast bios from the new season of Survivor, manage your fantasy team, and more. Exclusive to webOS, the US, and Sprint.
  • TipCalc (by Jamwam): Straight forward tip calculator and check splitter.

Dot Game, MediPDA, P2GoogleVoice, P2Snippets, and Reversi are all graduates from the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery. Congrats to developers Brandon VanBelle,, P2Labs, and Rick Boatright!

Those fifteen new apps weren’t the only newness in the App Catalog. Eight older apps also received updates, though none of them seem to bring major new features. The following apps received updates today:

  • Checkers
  • Connect 4 Demo
  • Lemonade
  • Mileage Monitor
  • Pandora Radio
  • PhotoDialer
  • Tweed
  • Zilch Lite

UPDATE: Chuq Von Rospach, Palm's Developer Community Manager, has chimed in on Twitter: "To those asking: yes, the new apps aren't downloadable yet. Will be in a bit. there's a glitch in the publishing process we need to fix."

Guess that's why the App Catalog still has that beta tag, eh?

UPDATE 2: Now that the App Catalog appears to be back on the tracks, we've updated the new app list with some descriptive fun.