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File Explorer, a handy file browser for TouchPad and webOS smartphones

by Adam Marks Wed, 05 Sep 2012 8:22 pm EDT

File Explorer

If you need a file manager app for your webOS smartphone or TouchPad, there are only a few quality choices from you to pick from. With the latest crop of apps that have just been released to the catalog, there is one more for you to choose, and it should look relatively familiar. pcworldSoftware's latest app, File Explorer (incl. file editor), is a $0.99 app that is essentially a trimmed-down version of his Archive Manager app without the archiving and extraction functionally, but with a few additional goodies thrown in. The overall look and feel is identical, with checkboxes on the right side to multi-select files/folders and various buttons along the bottom to perform actions on that selection (you can also tap a file or press-and-hold a folder for a pop-up menu of actions).

A few small features that have been added over what Archive Manager does are the ability to copy multiple files/folders (you could previously only move or delete) and an information screen that shows the size, path, and last change date, as well as an ability to email a file. The biggest change is the inclusion of a basic text editor for any text file on your device. It even includes a "wrap" toggle to determine if the text should wrap around or extend off the page

Like Archive Manager, a single purchase will allow you to download on any smartphone running webOS 2.1 or higher as well as the TouchPad. As far as file managers are concerned, this is a pleasure to work with. It doesn't have some of the more advanced features that are included in the homebrew Internalz Pro, such as the freedom to see beyond just the USB drive or the functionality to install apps or patches, but the ability to perform actions on multiple files at once is worth the price of admission (and the beyond-USB view cannot be allowed in App Catalog apps). If you have already purchased File Explorer's older brother Archive Manager (currently $1.99 in the App Catalog), you just need to decide if those few additional functions are worth the additional ninety-nine cents.