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by VictoryLinkUSA Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:33 pm EST
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File Sync lets you upload & download files from your phone to and from your PC, designed to be simple and user friendly without the need to be a techie to install and run. Once installed on the device, registration will send an email with the client to install on the PC, and viola, you are ready. No need to setup any IP address or identify any device, the application will do it automatically as long as both PC and phone are on the same Wifi network. Compatible with Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, Palm Pre Plus, and Palm Pixi Plus

Works via wifi, other connections are under development. Lots of new features are coming out soon as well.

* Updates: Ability to select entire folder, Ability to copy, move or delete from the phone.
* Able to handle multiple ips on
* Uploading multiple files at the same time for faster upload
* Uploaded files are color coded to for easier identification of completed files

* NOT Palm Pixi (wifi required)
* Only Windows, does not work with Mac yet
* Requires wifi and internet connection

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