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HP finally gets around to showing off Twynergy app

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 25 May 2011 8:53 am EDT

At the same Maker Faire 2011 Presentation where Phil McKinney showed off a TouchPad controlling home appliances, he also showed excitement for a newly re-released (to the beta feeds) webOS app developed by HP called Twynergy (we looked at it once before, here). The idea is to allow Twitter users to compare themselves with other people that are on the social network based on their interests and activities and to help active users build a stronger network of friends and followers. McKinney, for example, says that Twynergy has shown him to have 2% in common with Howard Stern, and on the opposite end has 86% in common with President Barack Obama.

The app has more uses than just finding interesting people to follow, though, and it certainly has more depth to it than just acting like any other service that compares a few keywords and tags from each individual's tweets. Twynergy also dives into the content that the user links to (websites, videos, blogs, photos, etc.), so when you find someone that you have a lot in common with, you can know that this is based on several areas of criterior, and not just the words that are chosen between the two of you.

We'll give you our full review of the official HP app in a few days, but for now you can grab it for free in the catalog beta-feed (via Preware, for now) and start comparing the different personas of any twitter user with a public feed. You can also check out the HP Twynergy website for more details and a demo of how the new app works. Oh, and if you don't want Twynergy to have access to your public tweets to create a persona for yourself, you can restrict that access by going to the HP Twynergy website and following the steps listed at the bottom of the page.

 Source: HP Twynergy; Via: AllThingsD