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by webos catalog Thu, 10 Mar 2011 6:53 am EST
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This tool is geared specifically for Firefighter/Paramedics as a quick reference for information you need on the job.

Friction Loss, Nozzle Pressures, Elevation Adjustments are calculations you need - RIGHT NOW!

Also included are Building Construction References, Pumper ROT's (Rules of Thumb) to help at the 0200hrs Structure Fire, and a slick mg per kg drug calculator to check yourself before drawing meds.

The drug calculator is simple - you enter the pt's weight in pounds, the desired dosage, total mg's in your vial, and the total CC's in your vial - click "Calculate" and all your data is available to you...including the bottom line..."HOW MANY CC's DO I DRAW!?"

(The example in the screenshot is the IM dosage of Versed for a 215 lb patient.)

Part of every sale will be forwarded directly to the Midlothian Firefighter's Association (Midlothian, TX)

All feedback is welcomed.

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