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First HP TouchPad Homebrew Patches show up in Preware

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 04 Jul 2011 5:11 am EDT

The WebOS Internals team has been known for making great homebrew software for webOS smartphones, and now they're bringing those products to the HP TouchPad as well.

There are a few bits of news to share in the world of homebrew when it comes to updates for the HP TouchPad. First up, if you have already bought your TouchPad, or are waiting on one to arrive at your doorstep, you are now able to install Preware, the homebrew app/patch/theme catalog for webOS, directly on your TouchPad. Having been updated to version 1.7, Preware can be installed on your TouchPad using a few different methods (like WebOS Quick Install by Jason Robitaille), but don't forget to put your device into Developer Mode first.

Once Preware is installed and the feeds are updated, you'll see that a few patches have already made it into the catalog to be installed for your TouchPad and enhance that initial experience. The first patch to be officially completed for webOS 3.0, Glass Effects Squite by Garrett92c, is actually a theme that makes some very aesthetically pleasing changes to the default app launcher and menus on the device (you can catch those screenshots after the break below). There are a few other patches available as well, like "Make It Right..." "Make it so..."which updates your JustType bar, though none that offer the advanced configuration options that we grew to love on our webOS smartphones in the past (we're told that's all coming soon).

Since you'll be finding yourself at least somewhat satisfied with the homebrew offerings for the TouchPad after you get setup with the latest version of Preware, we'd like to remind you that WebOS Internals develops and maintains all of the software and services that homebrewers everywhere have come to love at absolutely no cost and 100% Open Source GPL. So why not send a few bucks their way to support their continual development and ensure that we'll see a lot more updates in the future for both tablet- and smartphone-sized webOS versions.

Update: As Rod Whitby, head of WebOS Internals, would remind us in the comments below, donating to WebOS Internals does not benefit the other homebrew developers that have put time into this on their own without their help. If you find a patch that you enjoy, click through their developer link in Preware to the forums to see if they have a donation link as well. They'll certainly appreciate it if you do.

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