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There are still 3 days remaining before the HP TouchPad is released in the US, and already there are people receiving packages from the company with their very own tablet device packed away inside. Luckily for us, our forum members are swift scouts when it comes to digging around for the good news, and we've found our first photos of the HP TouchPad being unboxed: taken in Germany, and not the United States, of all places.

From a first look at the packaging (as shown by Mr. Blurry-cam), it's pretty simple and clean, as other device boxes have been since the original Palm Pre on Sprint that so many early-adaptors got to enjoy. The packaging inside of the box consists of what looks like black cardboard, a sleeve with reading material beneath the device and the charging cables in a separate box on the left (charging cables shown here are for Europe, in case you're confused by their shape shown below). The TouchPad does start off in portrait orientation, so that you can see the device as it will most often be held (with the camera on top and the "home" button/gesture pixel on the bottom).

Jump after the break to see the rest of the shots for yourself, but don't worry, we'll be sure to take you some real nice ones for a better look as soon as we have a chance.