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First Impressions of the SFR Pre 2

by Nathan Mylott Mon, 15 Nov 2010 11:21 am EST

France is the only place right now where a carrier is offering the Palm Pre 2 to customers. One time travelers from the future of webOS, Badcard in the PreCentral forums, shared with us some impressions of the Pre 2 hardware.

Overall, Badcard said that the Pre 2 feels like a higher quality device. The glass screen feels nicer to touch and more durable, the slider works smoother and easier, and plugging in a USB cable is easier. The keyboard has been touted as an improvement but Badcard did not notice a significant change.

Battery life seems much improved, although that is hard to gauge because there are so many variables. It is also hard to tell if that improvement is because of the OS or the hardware, but in terms of specs the battery is the same as that of the Pre so it is most likely an OS improvement.

The greatest improvement Badcard reported was in the speed. The Pre 2 reboots twice as fast, though booting up from a shut down is only a little bit faster. Apps launch quickly and menus never lag, all without the battery killing overclocking that was necessary to make the Pre run this fast.

webOS 2.0 was not discussed because, as Badcard said, "everyone will get a chance to give it a go soon enough," but added that it "bloody rocks!"

Source: PreCentral Forums