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That was fast. It's like HP was working with developers on making this happen or something. The very first webOS app based on open source Enyo getting used on another platform has arrived, and it's our favorite Instapaper client Paper Mache. Developer Ryan Watkins has taken advantage of the now entirely open source nature of the Enyo application framework and used it to release his app into the Android Market. Designed to work on Android 2.2 and higher, Paper Mache brings the full Enyo interface to Android-powered phones and tablets. And, just as with the webOS version, it's free.

Also taking advantage of the open sourcing of Enyo is James Harris of FlashCards fame. The popular webOS study app saw an Enyo release on the TouchPad a few months ago and now thanks to Enyo open source is available in all WebKit browsers and via the Chrome Web Store. The WebKit web app means you can use FlashCards in browsers like Chrome and Safari, but also with on mobile browsers like those found on the iPad and Android tablets.

Enyo's gone open source and the developers have already gone wild. By making the application framework open source and web compatible, HP's ensuring the future of the framework and making it that much easier to justify developing for webOS. Build once, deploy everywhere.