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First paid webOS apps land! [Updated: Free Apps Too!]

by Derek Kessler Mon, 05 Oct 2009 10:53 pm EDT

Air Hockey in the App Catalog

Update 9:54 Eastern: Palm has pulled nearly all of the paid apps (we see only Checkers Pro) while they fix what we understand from the folks at webos-internals to be a critical security bug. We'll update again when we have more.

What a long (but surprisingly quick) road it’s been, but the time is finally here. Welcome to the world of paid webOS applications! Starting at about 4 PM EST today, paid applications made their entry into the App Catalog, starting with the $1.99 Air Hockey from Acceleroto, the same company behind the popular Air Hockey game for the iPhone (though this version appears to be limited to just player-vs-phone for now).

This is the first of what we expect to be many and numerous paid apps for the Pre, but when we’ll see more is anyone’s best guess.

  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire from Capcom Interactive, $4.99.
  • BlockDrop by Daniel Farina, $4.99. Our First Palm Pre Homebrew Paid app! Congrats!
  • Weatherbug Elite hits for $1.99, live, local maps from WeatherBug - configurable background updates too.
  • GolfPinFinder at $9.99, another homebrew graduate!
  • Card Ace: Hold 'Em. Free Online Texas Hold 'em from Self Aware Games, syncs your profile with Word Ace.
  • GetMeVino! Lite, Free Wine Info app, Homebrew Graduate, congrats mt3ck!
  • Mezzoman, Free "Meet in the Middle" app for finding friends, from Mezzoman Studios
  • Polar Bowling, Free game, Homebrew Graduate, congrats kmax12!
  • Word Whirl Lite, Free word game, Homebrew Graduate, congrats sacherjj!
  • Work Out Tracker Trial, Free work out tracking app, Homebrew Graduate, ohallord!
  • Dungeon Quest, a free fantasy-themed RPG complete with Facebook Connect. You guessed it: Homebrew Graduate. Congrats justinmoblyng
  • Stitcher Podcast Radio lands for free, bringing streaming podcast fun to the mix.
  • Checkers Pro, a semi-Homebrew Graduate from Kense of Keen Studios, rolling in at $0.99. Congrats Kense!
  • Mine Search, another Homebrew Graduate, this time it's tonyparisi with a $0.99 app.
  • Here I am, GeezerNetwork's $.99 app for texting your location to a friend
  • Word Whirl, the full version of sacherjj's Word Whirl Lite, Homebrew Graduate
  • FriendsFlow, a $1.99 Facebook Feed app, Homebrew Gradaute, congrats grepper!
  • JogStats, $4.99 from Rusty Apps, a GPS exercise tracker.
  • Lottery Generator, $.99 app from Ovlite for making random numbers
  • Remote from Hobbyist Software, a $4.95 app for controlling iTunes
  • VLC Remote, a $4.95 app, also from Hobbyist, for controlling VLC
  • Work Out Tracker, the full, $3.99 version of the lite version. Homebrew Graduate, congrats again ohallord!
  • Go To Tool, $7.49 congrats to Homebrew Graduate markpowers! Get your place saving action on.
  • NewsRoom, $4.99 news app, covers tech, gossip, sports, etc and caches on-device.
  • Mezzoman, $0.99, like Mezzoman - Free, finds the place you want to go between you and your friend, or with this version, two friends (i.e. three people).
  • Wobble Words, at $4.99 from Gobico Games, is a cross between Boggle, Tetris, and Scrabble.
  • Classic finally gets its update: Hotsync over Bluetooth or WiFi. Free.
  • Dungeon Quest 50 Gems, $4.99 nets you 50 gems for your Dungeon Quest character.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!