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First two of five making-of-the-ad videos on Facebook

by Derek Kessler Tue, 02 Jun 2009 9:57 am EDT

Plam Pre ad campaign storyboards

As promised, Palm has started releasing videos about the making of their Palm Pre ad campaign. These first two videos, released on Facebook, give us some blurry stylized shots of the woman who looks to be the face of the Pre (as opposed to disembodied iPhone voice) and her hand holding a Pre, and glimpses of the large scale of the commercial interspersed with images of the Chinese locations where Palm shot the ads. The first video contains one important quote from, well, somebody with Palm: “What we're doing here is nothing short of re-launching our brand, re-launching our company.”

According to Palm’s description of the first video, the ads were filmed in three locations in China: a studio in Beijing (where hand lady was hanging out), the Shaolin Kung Fu School in Dengfeng, and the mountains outside of Kunming. Presumably the mountain backdrop from Kunming will be used with the bluescreen shots from the studio - we'll find out for sure come Wednesday. Also sighted: a few glimpses at the story-boards for the ad campaign, but the super-narrow depth-of-field blurs out most of the text accompanying them. In the meantime, we’ve got at least three more videos on the way. Either way, the graceful shots of the martial artists are sure to make for a captivating commercial.