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First webOS 2.0 Doctor hits for SFR Pre 2

by Derek Kessler Tue, 02 Nov 2010 9:31 pm EDT

Palm Pre 2 The Pre 2 is only available in France right now (and only on French carrier SFR), but even then our amis français may find themselves in a near-bricked Pre 2 bind. Thankfully, Palm is continuing with its history of releasing the full device ROM in the form of the phone-reviving webOS Doctor. For the uninitiated, the Doctor essentially reflashes the phone’s operating system to overwrite any errors caused by, well, it doesn’t matter exactly what. Thanks to the robust and forceful nature of the webOS Doctor, it’s near impossible to brick a webOS device.

This latest release is the first packing webOS 2.0 and will provide the first chance for the code divers to dig in and see what code is lying dormant in the new operating system. For those interested, this is webOS 2.0.0, build 70. Also, for those interested, no, you cannot use this Doctor to load webOS 2.0 onto your older Pre or Pixi device. It won’t work, and if it does, it won’t.

Source: Palm; Via: WebOS Internals (Twitter)
Direct Link: SFR Pre 2 webOS Doctor