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Workaround for an orphaned card

by Adam Marks Wed, 02 Nov 2011 12:18 pm EDT

This tip is for webOS phones only

There is a nasty bug in webOS that allows you to minimize an app to card view but still remains as an fully interactive app. You can try to switch apps but this "orphaned" card will remain in the center of the screen behind the other apps, and it will continue to accept any gestures or swipes that you make on the screen. Not only might you find yourself doing something like accidently deleting a text message, but you will find its hard to close the app because you are unable to swipe it off the screen.

In order to fix this issue and reclaim the card, you just need to make sure that you have the Full Swipe Advanced Gesture enabled on your device. As long as this enabled (if it is not, go to Screen & Lock and enable it), you first need to exit card mode by putting up an app in full screen mode. Then, just use the Full Swipe across the gesture area to quickly switch between active applications. Keep swiping until you get to the application that was within the orphaned card. If you minimize the app again, it should behave properly and allow you to move on with your multitasking.

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