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Fix the "You must eject the device before using Photos" error

by Adam Marks Mon, 14 Mar 2011 10:29 am EDT

After accessing (and then properly ejecting) your phone from USB mode, there may be an issue where parts of the OS still thinks you are in USB mode and therefore prevents you from accessing some media on your device: the camera may not show the last picture taken and the Photos app just displays a "You must eject the device before using Photos" message. In order to fix this, you need to initiate a re-scan of the media portion of the device, which should happen automatically after you eject from USB mode. The easiest way to do this is by using the Internalz app (either the homebrew or the official webOS 2.0 App Catalog version will work), following the steps after the break.

  • Open Internalz
  • Navigate to any folder and find a file that you don't mind changing the name of (e.g. a picture or video works well)
  • Tap on the file and select "Info" from the pop-up menu
  • Tap on the name on the top of the Info Screen and change the name, even by just adding or deleting a single character
  • Tap elsewhere on the screen and choose "Yes" when you get a pop-up asking if you wanted to rename the file
  • Back-swipe out of the Info screen

In you load the Photos app back up, you will no longer see the error message but rather a spinning wheel to indicate that the device is working. After a few minutes, you will see all your photo available to you, which means that the re-scan has completed.

Does any one else have another method to fix this issue?


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