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Fixing Classic App in webOS 1.03 - Plus New Features (Updated)

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 24 Jun 2009 12:35 pm EDT

 The minor webOS 1.03 update has us pretty jazzed --not necessarily because of new features but just because we're pleased as punch that Palm is on a path to rapidly updating the Pre as necessary.

There was one bump in the road, however: lots of users reported that the PalmOS Emulator Classic ceased to work properly after the update.  This was because part of the update changed the Classic App to version 1.1, which has some changes .

Luckily, MotionApps has put up a blog post and an FAQ on the issue to help you get Classic working again.  In our forums bitimage has a bit more detailed walkthrough of a good method for getting things back on track.  

One happy side effect of the 1.1 update: new features! You can now use the pinch multitouch gesture inside classic to zoom in on PalmOS apps as well as drag the screen around while zoomed in! Also be sure to check out the Preferences for Classic (under Menu -> Options) where you can set your emulation mode, toggling "turbo" and sound modes -- not to mention Alarm Mode:

If the Alarm is ON, system will automatically launch Classic when some Palm OS application has an alarm scheduled.

It's worth noting that sound support in Classic is still "experimental," so use it with caution.

Update: File Under "yipes."  A few readers have sent in an email detailing just what happened here with regard to Classic and the 1.03 update.  It appears that support for the new and improved 1.1 version of Classic was included in the update, but that Palm left out some "critical files" and that's what's causing the Blue Screen bugs people are running into.  The FAQ entry at MotionApps has the deets on how to get yourself up and running again:

1. Connect your Palm Pre via USB cable to the computer

2. Select USB Drive mode on Pre's screen

3. Delete all files from folder "ClassicApps/Install/" on Pre's drive and make sure it contains no files

4. Disconnect the Pre from USB cable and start Classic.

Note that with the 1.1. version, the installation method for PalmOS apps has changed a bit, see here for more details.  

...Major bummer all around.  We truly appreciate the rapid update schedule, Palm, but perhaps hiring an extra bug tester or two would be a good idea.