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There's been precious little webOS news here at Mobile World Congress, while Android Central, CrackBerry.com, Nokia Experts, and WMExperts have been on fire - even TiPb will have some news in just a bit. But Akitayo reminded us that Adobe was here and likely showing off Flash - so we headed on over.

As you can see from the video above - it's working but perhaps isn't quite ready for prime time yet. Unfortunately, Flash is definitely not confirmed for February (looks like it was a miscommunication at Palm's SFR launch). All Adobe is saying is 'First Half of 2010,' so it's unclear what'll happen there. We found that Flash on the Pre seemed to move just a bit quicker than Flash on a Droid - but the Nexus One beat them both.

Yes, that's webOS 1.4 there on a GSM Palm Pre, near as we can tell. We didn't spend a ton of time with the device, but a quick glance showed the video recording there, speed not significantly faster than what current webOS devices run at, and the new way of loading cards you can see in the video above.

Adobe is also showing off Air apps, but unfortunately they didn't have them ready for the Pre yet.