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Flash in webOS 2.0 [Video]; Update: No Hulu 34

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 19 Oct 2010 11:51 am EDT

webOS 2.0 brings another major feature we've been waiting (and waiting) for: Flash! Above, check out the details on how Flash works on webOS 2.0. It's been a long time coming.

Essentially, the way it works is that when you load a page, the Flash elements are identified as black gradient boxes with play buttons. You can turn Flash completely off or completely on - but the latter is crazy talk.

Once you tap on a Flash element you go into "Flash Mode," which means that all touch gestures and taps are ignored unless they're inside the Flash box. You can tell you're in Flash mode because there is a gray border around the Flash box and because the Refresh button on the lower-right changes to an X.

When in Flash mode, rotating the device either way causes the phone to automatically zoom into the Flash element. You can then interact with it by playing the game, hitting play, etc. You can tap that X in the lower-righthand corner to exit Flash Mode and continue to navigate the web page while Flash is still running.

So... How does it work? Actually, it works much better than I expected, which is perhaps not saying much. Once the video or game gets cached up, things seem to move along with nary a hitch. I don't know how if affects battery life (hint: probably severely if you overdo it), but I do know that I'm glad to say that it's here (or will be soon) and that's one fewer thing for webOS fans to have to wait for.

Update: Yeah, we should have thought to try Hulu.com. It loads up pages fine, but unfortunately when you are on an individual episode or clip it doesn't seem to give up the actual Flash element on webOS 2.0, it's just a black box. Not a surprise. Thanks for the reminder, commenters!