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Flash on webOS still in the works, Adobe wants you to know

by Derek Kessler Thu, 01 Jul 2010 1:12 pm EDT

Flash on webOS

Reader klubhead is the first of many to let us know that Adobe has changed the default "Flash doesn't work yet" message you get when you tap a Flash element on a webOS phone to the newer official statement we got from Palm earlier this month:

Adobe and Palm continue to work together to bring Flash Player 10.1 to WebOS as quickly as possible. At present, the integration work between the Player and WebOS is undergoing extensive testing to ensure we deliver a high quality implementation.

m.flash.com Want a preview of what you can expect from Flash on your webOS device? Well, the you should point your browser to m.flash.com. Oh, wait, you thought I meant on your phone? That’s not what I meant - go to your desktop where you’ve already got Flash installed, and go to m.flash.com. Then you can check out Flash for mobile.

Sarcasm aside, the Adobe Flash showcase for mobile gives a preview of several premiere Flash-enabled websites that we have great expectations for functionality should Flash ever actually arrive on webOS. In the meantime, we’re going to sit here and shrink our browser windows down to tiny and pretend we’re using our phones...

Thanks to @JohnLBurger, klubhead, nascar_fan, and Nathan and to our own Jonathan Ezor!