Flashcards to Go lands on iPad, brings Enyo goodness to iOS | webOS Nation

Flashcards to Go lands on iPad, brings Enyo goodness to iOS

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Feb 2012 5:05 pm EST

The first Enyo open source framework-based apps to land on other platforms flew quickly to Android and the world wide web. One of those was James Harris' Flashcards, now suffixed with a "To Go", which blasted onto the web and brought cross-platform synchronization into the mix. Today Harris' app took the Enyo jump onto two more platforms, Android tablets (like Paper Mache before it) and - a new one for Enyo, as far as we're aware - the Apple iPad. As both Android and iOS support webapps, even complex ones like Flashcards To Go, the app works the same way and brings the same Enyo-styled user interface webOS users are accustomed to to the other platforms.

On both iPad and Android, Flashcards To Go is retailing for $3.99 - a dollar less than on webOS. Of course, on Android and iOS, Harris and other Enyo developers will have a much larger audience to which they can market and sell their app, reducing the overhead costs of that deployment. In fact, if HP can convince more developers to develop in Enyo first for the cross-platform appeal, we might end up seeing more and less expensive apps on webOS as a result. Of course, that's all contingent upon HP being able to convince those developers.