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by Dieter Bohn on 12/16/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 0 comments

** Thanks for making the app the fastest growing flash light app in the whole store! **

The only torch & flashlight app you need on hand to help you out in the walking down dark alleys, finding things in the dark or simply impressing your friends!

- Optimized screen usage (making the torch as bright as possible)
- 10 Different colour torches
- 6 fun flashlights including;
. Police/Emergency Flashing light
. Fire animation, warm up & impress your friends
. Strobe light (next version will include speed control)
. *NEW* Fireworks, High quality photo animations of real fireworks
. *NEW* SOS Beacon. The world-wide recognised distress signal has been added as promised! Surprisingly clever and fun

The best utility app you need, when ever you need it. It's quick and easy to use interface makes it a breeze to use.

Find your keys, money and anything else no matter where you've lost it.

With 13,000 users around the world, and growing by 400 each day this is the most popular torch application in the app store.

Why not download it now and see what everyone loves about it

Works with nearly every WebOS Device, & WebOS 2.0 compliant

Want even more? Get more torches and features with Flashlight. Plus. for all WebOS devices (2.0 compliant), we often update the pro version and release new and exciting features so why not get it now for only 79p or $0.99

Please note this is a bug with the app store - not the application please do not leave a poor review due to this (try restarting your handset, works most the time)

Thank you everyone for supporting the app