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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:49 pm EST
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*Pro version of one of the fastest growing apps in the app store - thank you everyone!*

Flashlight. Pro. offers unquie features compared to other flashlight and torch applications, including 'Optimized light' (see below).

Flash lights currently included (were adding more all the time, which are free upgrades once you buy this app :) )

12 different color flashlights, including, blue, grey, yellow, green and so on..

Police flashing light,

Strobe light (a very fast flashing black and white light with speed adjustment coming soon.)

Bulb light with on/off facility.

High Quality Fireworks Graphics - NEW

SOS Beacon - NEW

& More with many more currently being develoepd, including Orange warning light, more color torches and more features.

Discover just how useful this application is,

- find lost items in the dark easily

- see keyholes easily with a bright white light after a night out

- find your way down the hallway in the middle of the night with no fuss

- impress your friends with the Fire Animation

Light My Way Pro is an advanced application of the very popular free flash light application, LightMyWay. We take pride in listening to our users feedback and introducing as many ideas as possible.

- Super Bright Light, using Optimized light, which ensures as much of the screen as possible is used as the torch to create as brighter effect as possible.
- Fast loading time
- No fuss
- Easy to use interface

Download this application to experience a whole new flashlight application. (We promise you'll love it)

Note: This application was previously named Light My Way Pro!

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