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by wifisher Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:36 pm EST
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Available in: English.
The Flight Computer application can be used by pilots to perform various calculations to determine the flight path, air speed, ground speed, fuel requirements, etc. This application provides similar calculations as the slide-rule styled E6B Flight Computer.

The following calculations are currently supported by the Flight Computer application:

Heading and Ground Speed,
Required True Air Speed,
Wind Speed and Direction,
Required Calibrated Air Speed,
Actual True Air Speed,
Crosswind, Headwind, and Tailwind,
Pressure and Density Altitude,
Ground Speed,
Distance Flown,
Leg Time,
Fuel Per Hour,
Fuel Required,
Planned Mach #,
Actual Mach #,
and several unit conversions: Distance, Speed, Pressure, Temperature, & Volume.

It also supports plotting of the vectors for:
Heading, Course, and Wind, and
Crosswind, Headwind, and Tailwind

More calculations are planned to be added in future releases.

The Flight Computer application also supports a night mode which changes the display to a dark theme for operation in a dark environment.

Disclaimer: This application is not a certified flight tool and comes with no guarantees. Use at your own risk.

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