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Forget a Wi-Fi network [updates for webOS 2.x]

by Adam Marks Mon, 21 Mar 2011 9:12 pm EDT

Once you connect to a Wi-Fi network, webOS will remember that network and will always try to reconnect to it once that network is back in range. In webOS 1.x, in order to tell your phone to "forget" that network and not reconnect to it, you needed to actually be in range and connected to that network. While that webOS 1.x process will continue to work in webOS 2.0, new functionality has been added to that you now have access to a list of all your stored networks, along with the ability to delete that network (along with any associated security settings) at any time.

To forget any stored network from your device:

  1. Open the Wi-Fi app from your launcher, or just swipe-down on the top-right of the screen to open the “Connections Menu”, select "Wi-Fi", then tap on "Wi-Fi Preferences"
  2. From within the Wi-Fi app, swipe-down from the top-left of the screen to open the Wi-Fi Application drop-down menu and select "Stored Profiles"
  3. In the list of stored networks, just swipe any network off the screen to delete it from your device
  4. Swipe-back to return to the Wi-Fi
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