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Format your wallpaper to fit the full screen [webOS 3.0]

by Adam Marks Fri, 22 Jul 2011 4:06 pm EDT

When you set the wallpaper on your Touchpad, it will automatically downsize the picture to fit the screen if its resolution is larger the device's screen resolution. However, if the photo is smaller than device's resolution, it will create a gray border around the image and not display it full screen.  If you do not want this border, you can open up the photo within the Photo & Video app to zoom in to display it full screen and then you just need to take a screenshot of the image. If you see a footer row on the bottom of the picture, tap on the screen one time to hide it before taking the screenshot. Now, just follow the steps to set your wallpaper, looking in the "Screen captures" folder for the full-screen image you just took

Remember, if you want to use a photo from a Synergy account, you need to copy that photo to your device first and then perform the steps above

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