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Forum Reactions: The Highs and Lows

by Jason Robitaille Fri, 05 Jun 2009 5:06 pm EDT

The internet has been bombarded by Palm Pre reviews the past few days. Even though the Pre is only a day from release, they still seemed to take the tech community by storm. And our forums are no exception.

For many people, the focus was on the reviews themselves. There were countless "xxxxxx's Palm Pre Review" threads and if a particular review seem too biased, people certainly pointed it out.  Unforunately this can lead to pointless arguing and resulted in closing the thread, as what happened in the BusinessWeek review thread.  A user named Jayhay312 even undertook the lengthy task of listing all the reviews (similar to what Derek did earlier today) in a single thread.  Turns out there's more than I would've thought.  If you'd like to (peacefully) discuss a particular review, currently there are threads for the following: Associated Press, PCMagazine, PCWorld, MSNBC, USA Today, Gizmodo, SlashGear, CNET, PalmInfocenter, InformationWeek, Engadget, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, New York Times, and of course, our very own, PreCentral.

Other people on the forums were talking about their plans for the Pre.  Some are talking about different prospective rate plans to choose from while numberous others are simply wondering if Sprint will deliver on their Premier Customer system.  Some say they have confirmation from Sprint that they won't, while others seem optimistics and confident they will. This whole Premier Customer situation certainly has the potential to become a huge PR problem, let's hope it doesn't get to that.  Meanwhile, other people are making plans on how to improve their Pre smartphones once they get them: forming battery strategies, looking for Pre wallpapers, and trying to determine the best ways to transfer PIM data to the Pre.

It doesn't end there.  Yet other people on our forums seems to be pointing out the Pre's faults and areas that the WebOS could improve.  Whether it be adding Windows Live Messenger to the IM app, enabling tethering, battery concerns, adding a MS Money-compatible app, or even just figuring out how the hack into the WebOS's linux core to allow greater functionality, the forums seem to never run out of new and interesting ideas, some of which Palm may very well want to listen to.

Feel free to stop on by the PreCentral forums and tell us what's on your mind about the Pre. We're open 24/7.