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From the Forums: How has webOS changed the way you use your phone?

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 19 Nov 2009 3:01 pm EST

Palm Pixi and Palm Pre

The PreCentral forums are a great spot for discussing all things Palm, and forums member hparsons posited an interesting question: how has Pre ownership changed how you use your phone for the better?

Pre users are a varied bunch, and we've got to expand the definition now to just webOS users now that the Pixi is making its way into hands across the United States. For some, this is their first smartphone. For others, webOS is another notch in their belt when it comes to smatphone platforms.  Regardless of your background, webOS brings with it a set of features including top notch web browsing, social media integration, and intuitive notifications in a unique way that's bound to change the way you approach this oft-used appliance.

Some of the common themes in the discussion include changes in the way users are approaching music, "the cloud", social networking, and web browsing on their devices. One forum member is reporting that 25 - 30% of the web browsing they used to do on their PC is now done from their phone.  Another is reporting that they've moved their calender and sync need entirely too the cloud, which before webOS was a daunting proposition.

So, tell us in the comments just how owning the Pre has changed your phone/internet/social media habits!