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Free apps with Classic include Google syncing

by Derek Kessler Thu, 22 Oct 2009 11:30 am EDT


Your Pre syncs just fine with Google and it’s nice to have all your contacts up in the cloud. But you also find yourself using Classic and needing some way to get to those same contacts. Since webOS is apparently stingy and doesn’t want to share its stuff with Classic, you could say that you’re up a digital creek without a paddle.

Fear not, for Classic 2.0 came with the ability to quickly install a slew of free and trial Palm OS applications. Amongst those apps is GooSync, which will synchronize your Google Contacts and Google Calendar to your Palm OS device, or in this case the Palm OS emulator on your webOS device.

While the GooSync that ships inside Classic is a free seven day trial version, the full version with support for multiple calendars, automatic syncing, contact groups, tasks (lets see webOS do that!), and more. Both GooSync Lite and Premium are subscription-based services, with Lite available for £5.99/year and Premium running £19.95 for 1 year, £34.95 for 2 years, and a lifetime subscription at £39.95. Hopefully you won’t need to spring for a lifetime subscription, as waiting two years for an app to transition to webOS or for a suitable webOS replacement would be kinda sad.

Thanks to brum for the heads up!