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Gaining further control of your screen's on/off settings (Homebrew)

by Adam Marks Mon, 18 Oct 2010 1:52 pm EDT

Welcome to "Homebrew Week" for PreCentral's Tip of the day. We will be focusing on some simple Homebrew apps, patches or hacks that will help you add some key functionality to your phone. No advanced knowledge is necessary, as long as you know how to use webOS Quick Install and Preware

While the touchstone is an amazing and convenient accessory for your webOS device, you may have noticed that there is no way to actually turn off the lock screen with the clock when your phone is on the touchstone.  This may be a nice feature during the day, it also acts as an often unwanted night-light. Or on the flip side, what if you want to keep your screen always on and not go to the lock screen, such as in situations where you are following directions on Google Maps.  Luckily, Homebrew has some simple solutions for you.  Keep reading after the break to learn how

Brightness Unlinked To turn off the screen entirely while on the touchstone, simply download Bightness Unlinked (by developer Zinge) from Preware, launch the app, and toggle the "Turn off instead of locking screen" option to "ON". Just as advertised, instead of showing the lock screen while on the touchstone, the screen will now turn off. This app will also allow you to separate the screen brightness setting and the keyboard brightness setting for your phone, so you can keep the screen brightness real low, but have the keyboard shine it all its glory. Note that the app has to be running for this to work, but you have the option of using either the dashboard notification or keeping the card open (you do not need to do both)


Nodoze For situations where you want to keep the screen on and not go to the lock screen, NoDoze (from developer gpfountz) is the perfect solution because you can quickly activate or deactivate the "Screen always on" option to prevent the screen from turning off. As you can see, the app also gives you some additional details about your WIFI, WAN or Bluetooth connections, in case you were interested. As for keeping the screen always on, there are other options, such as Jason Robitaille's "No Auto-Off while charging" patch (available in Preware), but Nodoze is the simplest option. 


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